AGE 76

Terry McCue is Ojibway from Curve Lake First Nation in Southeastern Ontario. He moved to Alberta in 1976 and has remained on the Prairies, still calling the province home to this day. His is represented by Canada House Gallery and his prolific work can be found in private and corporate collections across the North American continent. Terry is a self-taught painter who spent time in his youth watching and learning from his cousin Arthur Schilling, a prominent Indigenous artist in his own right, who continues to influence his contemporary works.

Lana Whiskeyjack

AGE 47

Lana Whiskeyjack is a multidisciplinary iskwew (woman/female) artist from Saddle Lake Cree Nation, Treaty Six Territory in Central Alberta. Her art is passionate and expressive, borne from the deep roots of her culture, history, and intergenerational relations. Through the examination of sometimes difficult subjects, her art reflects the intrinsic beauty of her interconnections with Earth, Cree language and all living beings.

Jim Ulrich

AGE 75

Jim Ulrich is a painter, lecturer, traveler and visual arts researcher residing in Beiseker, Alberta. His multi-layered works are primarily in acrylic on canvas; his current works exploit new industrial pigments and synthetic colours which extend colour perception and visual experience. The intricate dialogue, rhythms and visual conversations of his new work engage viewers’ imaginations as never before.

Karolina Sereda

AGE 47

Karolina’s artwork explores the juxtaposition of making chaos beautiful. Through her creative process, she rejoices in drawing from her raw inspirations which include everything from relationships, to nature and her dream life. She is a self-taught artist, is a social worker, yoga teacher and a mother. She enjoys having her art experienced, and thrives on the conversation art excites about the human condition.

Layla MEssner

AGE 39

Layla Messner is the contemporary expressionist artist painting to heal the world. She specializes in public art and museum exhibits for social healing, and also takes commissions.

Elizabeth Laishley

AGE 74

Elizabeth Laishley is a professional visual artist working out of Calgary. She has exhibited her paintings throughout Canada and in Germany and Mexico. She is best known for her expressive paintings interpreting the songs of Canadian poet and singer Leonard Cohen, which were published in a book and endorsed by Cohen.

Pharran Mckinnon

AGE 20

Pharran Mckinnon has been writing and creating art for as long as she can remember. She is excited for a future where she can go out into the world and become who she’s meant to be.

Mark Poelzer

AGE 15

Mark is a developing artist and animator that spends way too much time drawing in his basement. When he isn’t giving himself carpal tunnel, he spends his time playing video games with his friends, going on midnight walks through the forest, trying to understand fractals, and being a general creative nuisance to anyone and anything he encounters. 

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