future of COVID Meditation

Really that’s how I hope it will all end and what will happen when it when it is finished. And well, maybe there is right now, you know, you can see it more. When I painted it, I couldn’t see it that much. But now I can see that more. But what it what that one is it’s the road still goes through and but there is changes, people are out again, they’re on a train traveling again, they are on this airplane stair, somebody said they are on a collision flight, but I’m sure they can work that out. But and also the butterflies also are the freedom they have come, we all have come out of our cocoons, and we are now free to fly again. But they’s also still this memory of people that that did not make it through the pandemic. And lest we forget, there is this this is also a part that a lot of people will never forget, because they lost someone. We have been very lucky with our family and friends. You know, we haven’t really had any, anybody that we’ve lost. And then there’s of course a big fire and we were burning all our face masks and that. And that’s really the hope for the hope for normal life again, that’s the third one. There might be more optimism and that if I were to paint that, that one now with all the at that time when I painted it, there was no no inoculations inside there was nothing Yeah. And usually it takes a few years till they finally get get ready. And so it’s a little bit different now, there is obviously more hope, you know, family is maybe became even more important now than it was before. I don’t think our life has changed as much as for, I really feel for our grandchildren was so than anything, not just that young people of course they like to go out they like to party, you know, they may sing this but they’re also missing they’re at university and that’s where you make lifelong friends. You know, I mean, I still am I’m in contact with people in Europe that I went to university with and you don’t make lifelong friends by Zoom. It’s it’s a total different way of learning too and yeah, I feel for them more than anything. And for their sake, I hope that will be finished soon and they can get you know, have a normal at university life again. But we do miss having friends over for dinner, we do miss having, you know, other conversations and until you need sometimes outside you know, outside stimulation to it doesn’t matter how last year and enjoying inside and each other but you do miss some outside stimulation. There was I had to face the facts of how it affected me and how I felt about it. I usually have listened to music when I paint, I don’t think I listened to much music. During that painting, I’m more or less went into myself more. And, and also I couldn’t really think of the kind of music. Well, I think the second one I could have thought which kind of music to play. But it was more of thinking about my life, rather than picking up some vibes from from something that I listened to I heard. And also, especially with the first one, I kept forever thinking why we had a wonderful life. You know, it’s everything was perfect, you know? And did I appreciate it enough. You know, maybe it never will be that way again. But I think people are realizing that life isn’t doesn’t always go the way we want plan it. You know, things can happen and bad things and maybe they will be more prepared.

-Elizabeth Laishley

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