now of COVID Meditation

Painting number two, and that was painted the reality what it was just in December just before Christmas. The reality then was that there was a lot of isolation there was a lot of well I call I call them snow globes not bubbles so what he said bubbles but bubbles to me something that’s easy and light to get out of they burst. Snow globes, we were really stuck in there. And it was isolation each each group is a different in a family of some of them alone that living in that bubble and the middle parts was the snow is that’s the only thing we were allowed out was to go for a walk in a snow in a snowdrift and the top of it is the reality what was happening socially wise, there is Mr. Death blowing all the dandelion seeds all over the little red heads on and then they’re floating all over the people demonstrating, no masks, being against isolation and all that and then there’s the casino that’s open and there’s the churches and bars that were open still but we weren’t allowed out. But to me I was quite angry about it didn’t make any sense, this is actually the time when I was felt quite angry about the whole thing. Politicians didn’t really let us know the truth about it. Oh, you know first it was no mass than it was ever mass I mean with we got a lot of misinformation at that time. And then I didn’t agree with people that didn’t follow the rules, that didn’t want to stay in in the in the snow globes. And instead when demonstration with which I mean, couldn’t help but spreading it. And churches and casinos are being open. It made no sense that I couldn’t see my neighbor, or have my neighbor inside for a cup of coffee, but I could meet my neighbor at the casino if I wanted to. So some of the rules of the isolation didn’t make any sense. And also it’s Christmas coming on you know not having any, any family get togethers or anything. I haven’t actually seen my own children and grandchildren since since last September. So it was the second one is a lot of confusion and isolation and, and complaints or lay here about the situation which now has changed a bit now. Maybe we got used to it too. But in this painting too there is on the road and the whole paint all three panels really is the road of the pandemic as we walk in and experience and through it. There is a little, a little light at the end of the tunnel and in this painting too. Even then we could see we were hoping for the light in the end of the tunnel. It’s not a very strong light at this point.

-Elizabeth Laishley

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