start of COVID Meditation

Number one actually is the perfect life that I see, that I had and we all had which we probably didn’t appreciate as much as we afterwards learned to. It’s has to do from BC which we go camping right off the all the way to the to the East Coast Quebec on were people sitting outside enjoying themselves and it was perfect, a perfect life, perfect travel, lots of good times. And then all of a sudden, out of nowhere, there came this black cloud that came over at people didn’t quite know what what it was, what to do with it, we didn’t get really a good understanding of and we didn’t really expect it to come here. We heard about it. We saw some in Europe, Italy was terribly affected. And we saw that, but somehow we didn’t quite think of it really in fact as much. And all of a sudden there it was everything had a blackout. There’s people screaming there is people upset, you know. And that’s that’s what To me, the start of it was, you know, it’s it’s trying to live with it, to try to understand it. That confusion that was there is shown in the faces and all that trying to understand something we’ve never had to experience before. We were actually when it hit mostly we were in Mexico. And we had to get back and my kids were forever phoning and nagging us and get to get back. Gotta get back. And we actually did have COVID while we were down there was very was not a very strong one. I didn’t think we did. Because with we seen all those, you know, all the TV things and news from Italy, and you know, I thought people are dying. We’re not that sick. But afterwards, we read lots of everything. Yes. And my husband is a microbiologist, so he got a lot of the research and things on that. And he said yes, we definitely had it. And I was saying things like gee this year, it’s really good to here, the sewers don’t smell. And two weeks later, the sewer was smelling. I can’t, but we weren’t very sick, but still, but coming back driving back and driving through the different areas in the states and especially Vegas was a ghost town. We couldn’t get there was no place we could camp we ended up in truck spots. I was surrounded by semis that had the motor running all night. And it we made it from the from the ocean in Mexico up to to Calgary in four days. It was it was terrible really. And so it wasn’t it was nice to come home even so we were totally isolated done for two weeks and and it was a different city when we came back and at that time everybody seemed to be really afraid to you know that’s that’s why in the first panel I said we had such a perfect life.

-Elizabeth Laishley

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