future of COVID Meditation

The future was unknown. So it becomes more abstract again, because we know now there’s variants. At that time, there were no variants to it. The is the natural world, the virus, the injection, nature itself is really holding the virus in, and the virus is shrinking. You’ve got gold in there, which you know, in the bottom, and then the blue, the gold represents money. The vaccine is making money, it costs money, but it makes money. So there’s definitely an incentive to get involved in and put something together that’s going to stop this thing. And the blue of course, was just nature ,water, green for grass blue for sky pink was sort of a quasi ill virus but moving toward neutrality. And it has to look good. It has to look interesting. I think they’re kind of cute, sort of like little bugs going through there. Half the people don’t give a damn, except for themselves. That quite surprised me. I thought a lot more people would really get behind this and not complain and start trying to you know, wear the mask or at least be healthy and you know, fight this thing together. But that sure isn’t the case and it breaks down into a political thing. On the one hand, you’ve got ultra so-called right wingers who think it’s a government conspiracy, and the so called lefties think it’s a conspiracy of stupidity on the part of the right, so I don’t know part of that it’s there but I think more and more people are coming around to the fact that we should do this rather we do rather we do it or not. It’s up to us. We’re the ones are going to stop this thing. With this virus we’ve learned a lot but we have a lot more to learn.

– Jim Ulrich

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