future of COVID Meditation

So the third painting is, it’s black. It’s really different because it’s not as confused. Like there’s no chaos in the background it’s the dark, is the womb. When we come through, we come through the womb to be born into this world. And in Hindu mythology, there is an actual Goddess Kali who represents that. So she represents the divine feminine form that births all forms, and she’s fierce. She is the epitome of power. She’s the epicenter of power. And the birch trees are recapitulated there, the common thread across this the triptych but different distinct Time, Time snapshots and time. So this represents what do I see the future to be and I see the future to be the divine feminine, and that’s the painting is, the divine feminine being the future. We’re at a point of old systems that no longer work, patriarchy, falling, cracking, crumbling, that means that we empower ourselves, we have to wake up to all the like, ways that we basically sell ourselves short. And all the agreements we have, by virtue of not saying anything that we implicitly agree to, Black Lives Matter, Me too, we may not directly think we’ve been affected by those. But the point now the conversation we’re in finally is implied agreement is being a perpetrator of the abuse. And that’s no longer acceptable. We’re in a space of in a feminine power model. Everybody’s included, everybody matters. No one’s harmed on my watch. That’s the commitment. So the swan is reflected back to itself. I also put the stenciling in the back, that’s this three eyes. That is to say intuition is the source for all, each of us to practice intuition to listen, and it’s not developed in most people, right. So this is a real opportunity right now being still under restrictions and being a lot of people being isolated or in quarantine. It’s like, like, what else are you doing? Watching Netflix for the 100th time that the same show probably gets sick of that. So it’s an invitation not to avoid the inner work. This is a very like, difficult, weird time. But like, in the end, what the future looks like, is empowerment, the feminine being celebrated.

– Karolina Sereda

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