now of COVID Meditation

This is a painting about dancing in the fire of the present moment. And when I was going to work on that painting a relationship I’d been in, and my experience of it, has been really incomplete. Mixed messages, and a lack of like clarity and that it was revealed to me there was a deep deep level of dishonesty there on his side. And I wasn’t being honest because I was like, settling. So all this was playing out. I had a dream about a shaman, after talking to Bruce, and the energy of it being danger, adventure, pashion, desire, lust. And you know being on the edge of creation, if you’re surfing riding that wave and you could fall anytime, the thrill of that, that was the dream. And that was pretty cool. I think the shaman came into my dream life to tell me who’s coming next. And to really like get me present to what I want and that it’s there for me. So this painting is to really say F-that, you can agree to what works for you in life there’s a pandemic, that’s a circumstance, lets burn away obstacles. And in my life I’ve actually gotten present to just how much passion and desire and power I have. In the center is Robert Plant who, if I’m honest, you know he’s like sexy, artist, man, you know, I can envision being with someone like that you know? So if you’re going to heal and have your partnership happen you have to have the qualities you want in the other person you know. So as women we call in the reflection of our relationship to our masculine in our partner if we are actually attracted to men, or you know, like whatever your orientation is, it’s more about the masculine and feminine energy versus the actual gender. So like, if I’m like healed in my masculine then I’m going to be good with the man in my life. If I’m accepting of my masculine energy and what that is for me, then I’m calling in a man who is free to be in his feminine and it’s like a harmony right? So all this is at play and this painting is an invitation to the person experiencing it and a relationship to the painting to dance in their life. Not by into external circumstances, or conditioning, or what others might expect they need to do. But to be led by their hearts, so their hearts are stenciled in the background, and it’s the pulse and the beat, but it’s the rhythm we live through. There’s been an out of balance, we got thrust into our homes and out of our relationships and we had to reorient ourselves to, I’m speaking from my own experience, I had to reorient myself to how I live and relate to myself and other people. And it’s like when you’re out of balance where do you go to, what do you seek to create balance for yourself? Even as a woman in life, like I’m being pulled into my masculine energy in this society way more than I like. We have to stand in our feminine if that’s who we identify as and cultivate it because it is not really supported here.

– Karolina Sereda

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