start of COVID Meditation

I had it clear that it was going to be the spring, because that is when it started. So I started a blue canvas, like blue in the background because of the sky. To me spring is renewal. This pandemic experience has gone through cycles, like there is our inner rhythm being interrupted, and even, one would argue the occurrence of the pandemic was because of too much of a forcing nature, I think, an eco-imbalance is manifesting as a virus really. So much imbalance happening. So there was this: too much busy, too much schedule, too much materialism, too much consumption, too much greed, too much self-absorption, and too much disconnection. And then this virus sweeps in, and so I knew with death spreading, it’s like wow, this is the time of renewal. I was blown away by the death rates and then if I looked at the death rates across the world. It was so like, I couldn’t believe this was happening. I was like this is actually causing, people are dying right here in my city. And I couldn’t – like to me that was a reality – that’s why we are being asked to stay at home. I got present that being very important to represent. And it’s a death of what has been. This isn’t working. Like we’re being forced to stop. One day we’re out free communally, the next day it’s all done and finished and we’re inside our houses separated from each other. Families, people are dying. It’s like unreal, like surreal.

And so that first painting started with the blue, and then I went outside and walked. So I live by the reservoir and I have a regular route from my home that brings me into stands of trees. And at the time I just like wanted to represent what I see when I turn off the path and I see the trees, and the new leaves sprouting so the bright green, and then the mask because of that being such a like galvanizing symbol for what we are all experiencing as a collective no matter who you are, how old you are, where you are, the mask is the symbol for the pandemic. And the lungs actually was the stenciling in the background, came in early as it hits the respiratory system, and breath was my salvation. I went to breath and to like calm my mind and reduce my anxiety and connect to my truth through the fear – so much fear – being activated in the reports and all the government measures and uncertainty. I think, you know, all of us are in an activated state of anxiety and they look like butterflies in the background. And they actually are reverse trees, like anatomically, our lungs recapitulate the symmetry of the trees with the roots up versus down and you know the branching out of the airways, it’s like a tree in our body. Which we’re directly linked to nature. And then I found, I just, I researched what would be like a indigenous flower coming up at springtime in this area and I put those in the corner to really be obviously a spring reference.

– Karolina Sereda

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