now of COVID Meditation

That second one is definitely about going within – in that social isolation. It’s actually surrounded by what could look like a sun but this is when I started having really kind of deep conversations with Covid as a living being because it is – it has been such of global disruption and also a collective trauma. And I mean as indigenous people we’ve always had threats, you know, leaving our homes, being in the city there are constant threats now added in more compression of having more threats against us. When we can’t even go to our hospitals because of systemic racism. We don’t have a lot of the capacity and the resources within our communities. We live in poverty, last I heard my community was up to over 90% unemployment rate. We’ve been like that since reserves were created. So all of these compound elements of further disconnecting us actually turn into more of a deeper reconnection for within. I feel like Covid was one of the credible teachers around being accountable for our decisions. Because you’re stuck at home, so you realize you have to be accountable if you when gave birth to children you’re stuck at home with them, this is your life you know in your little bubble of home without the support system. Especially if you picked a partner who – hopefully you picked a partner that you can live with. It’s a time of reckoning, I guess in a sense, of facing your decisions in your life but also facing and really looking at the systems that deeply have control or governance or power over you. So it’s kind of that reflection of going within and again just being your own medicine and prayers and of course trying to connect, you know, through spirit to others and actually praying for Covid, facing the fact that it’s here and it’s affecting us and asking it to be kind. And then even with some of the dots around it and the fire colours of it, in a weird kind of demented way it’s like Covid is showing its love the best way it knows how. By infecting so many people, as with any kind of other medicine – again going back to that medicine that harms and that medicine that helps. And so you know, having these, kind of, weird conversations with Covid and also saying prayer for it. That it be gentle and kind, and that it teaches us to be gentle and kind, and can reconnect to those elements, to those relatives to the land, to the water, to our spirit as human beings. Just please make us more human again, humble us, which is what it’s doing, it’s really humbling globally people and it is going to have a very lasting impact and we need to change. So some of the other elements or part of it that I focus on birds with this one, and again kinda going back to that cosmic connection, to me represents that spiritual place of meeting, of gathering, that holds a lot of our ancestral knowledge. I also wanted to acknowledge the geese. They are community based relatives and they also reflect our water health. They give a lot of teachings around and that’s their medicine as well, is around reconnecting to our family, to community, helping one another, protecting one another. Like kinda going back through those same themes and how they’re tied in with different teachers in each piece. And of course when we come here as being birthed in our stories, we wrap our children in what we call a moss bag and we swing them. That’s prevention for so many things when you are actually loved as children. And because there is so much history of trauma within indigenous communities. There’s more children in foster care and then there were children in residential schools. I’m disconnected from my own family, so I’m speaking from personal experience. I’ve had really good people who loved me in my life, like my grandmother, who I credit for saving me from a different lifestyle and pushing me to be better. And so, you know, we need to come back to taking care of of those little spirit beings and so from our belief system we were given it’s called ahcâhkis, spirit, fire, and our soul. And ahcâhkis connected to Ahchakosak the stars, so again that whole cosmic connection. And so kind of going back to that place of that ancestral wisdom we each carry and being the medicine we need, not only to ourselves but definitely helping one another and how do we do that in a time of social isolation. So prayer has been a really important part of trying to help, but also checking in with people and having conversations through digital media. And I was almost thinking how can I put in computer, and Zoom, and Google Meets in here? I didn’t, but just having that teaching from Covid has been important. Part of how you contract Covid was being in close connection or connecting with others and in sharing, which is part of our law, right? Of sharing space, sharing words and so again like even with connecting with this, I guess, this being was being taught that we need to create new protocols and connecting. And especially that it be reciprocal, consensual, that it be through consensus as well when we’re looking at governance. And that especially that we return to the people who are most vulnerable like our children and our elders who have been, again speaking/referring back to how our children are growing up without parents, without love, that unconditional love. SoI really thought about family and community with this painting in relation to just coming to terms with that. And so there is a lot of kind of other thoughts of like Covid dancing around, as Covid being alive and vibrating, Covid celebrating. Like it was really interesting some of the imagery, but it’s kinda hard to talk about, because it is/there so much stigma too, it’s kinda a radical way of thinking and probably borderline crazy. But who knows, maybe it’s prophetic and smart in some other world.

– Lana Whiskeyjack

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