future of COVID Meditation

The future is, of course, the painting that I am most curious about myself, because I haven’t been in the future yet. So the future requires the most trust. You know, looking at the other paintings, it’s very easy to say, oh, this refers to that. And this refers to that. But with the future painting, I have to trust that what it refers to is there in the future, because it hasn’t happened yet. So when the image came to me, it was, again, I’m in the boat. And all of this is happening. But the image that was being focused on was this full solar eclipse that’s happening out over the water. And this point, the, the section of the painting that’s taken up by the bloody water is much smaller, and can see the sense of moving on from that. The gold in this image, there was an additional, in the original image from the unconscious, there was an additional element that I wasn’t able to literally include in the painting, which was a golden angel wing. And so I use the gold paint to represent that energy, that same premise in the painting. But it would have just cluttered up the painting to add the wing so it didn’t go in. But this painting, this image had a very strong optimistic feeling. There’s the eclipse, which I don’t know what it means my sense of it is that something else will eclipse the pandemic. But I don’t know what that means. Then with that was this tremendous sense of optimism that was represented by the angel wing and by the gold in the painting. This painting is the painting that’s closest to my paintings in general, if I were to just make a painting, a painting of the ocean with an Eclipse and something like that, it’s very close to my normal style. And, yeah, the optimism from this painting was in the entire project, because once I had gotten the images, and I saw the optimism of the future, that gave me a really buoyant and feeling from which I started to creating the painting, the optimism from having received the three images and seeing the optimistic feeling in the final painting definitely infused all the paintings. And then of course, my sense of ecstasy to be working on dream project, that it arrived synchronistically definitely infused all of the painting. So it was a pretty happy, buoyant experience. And I expected to be rushed. But it was fine. It flowed really nicely. The project definitely helped me have optimism, I’m an optimistic person to start with on purpose, I’ve cultivated optimism. And so actually looking at the pandemic, through the lens of the deep meditation and my intuition and receiving optimistic information. And then especially when I had the moving experience in the present painting that all left me with a stronger feeling of optimism that I had before-hand. I hadn’t entirely tuned in to what would happen, of course, I have my own fears as well, that can clutter up the intuition. So actually taking the time to sit down and be like, okay, not just me entertaining my own concerns, but on behalf of this project, I need to tune into my intuition and get something real back. And what came back was optimistic. I actually was contacted by somebody a couple of weeks ago in regards to a speaking engagement. And they wanted me essentially to reassure their employees that things were going to go back to normal. And I was not able to guarantee that. I suggested that I would be happy to talk about how to cultivate resilience in the face of the situation and move forward in a powerful way. However, I couldn’t essentially get up and promise that things were going back to normal because who am I to make such a promise. But I think that that is the power of art is in facing what is and then transforming your response to it and then moving forward, which is quite different than the idea that we’re going to just rewind time and go back to how things were before.

– Layla Messner

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