start of COVID Meditation

The image for that was a single drop of blood falling into the ocean and creating ripples of the blood spreading out into the ocean. And I had the sense of being in a boat in the ocean. But the image that I was directed to focus on was this drop of blood falling into the ocean. And as I painted it, it turned into more of a whirlpool, then ripples. My sense of it is the start of the deaths. The first death, the first few deaths. And it’s just such a small thing, it seemed, could have seemed, like such a small thing, but leading to this great loss of life that we’ve experienced and that impact of that spreading out and just. I remember at the beginning of the pandemic, actually, I received a notification on my phone that a year ago today, we had some pictures of what I would call like our pandemic shock walk, it was, oh my goodness, there’s pandemic, what is a pandemic? And what is happening? And we went out for this walk and everyone else was out for a walk, kind of doing the same thing. And just that staggering realization that we were all having at that time. And this painting would have been even before that, like the very beginning before we had even had that realization, but the realization to come is there in those spreading ripples of blood there.

– Layla Messner

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