now of COVID Meditation

After that initial like panic and that rush there was just like dread, just this eerie like unsettling feeling where there’s nothing that you can like see really besides like the masks and all those sorts of physical changes. But it was just so isolating when you were trapped at home for so long, there was, there’s very little to do besides sit down and like try to process everything. But with all the new information that was coming in, there was nothing to do about it. And I sort of wanted to illustrate that feeling of like both isolation and sort of helplessness that I felt sort of, during the midst of the pandemic. It was a lot of loneliness as well, because I missed my my friends, and I missed doing things and going places. And that’s what I wanted to illustrate with the sort of just empty bedroom with just two lights, light of the outside world, which just feels so far away, and then the much more leering screen, which is just sort of overtaking everything else. Because what else do you do really, when there’s nothing else to do, you’re left alone with yourself. And that was fairly unpleasant at first, because I was able to either push them aside or sort of just jot them down, but there was enough chaos around that you don’t really have to think too much about yourself. The bed isn’t it’s sort of representative of like your thoughts, right. And as much as the anti-machine rhetoric can seem a bit tired, I really do think that it’s important to remember that you can’t let it consume you and with all of the the news that we were getting like constantly, it really felt overwhelming and that’s sort of what the wires are there to represent.

– Mark Poelzer

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