start of COVID Meditation

I actually started off writing poetry, which is kind of weird. But I was having trouble visualizing how I was feeling at first. So I sort of, you know, went back to my roots, wrote a bunch of poetry tried to get the, the imagery a lot stronger in my head. And then, you know, after I sort of had this idea of like a supermarket, because that’s how it all really started. That’s where everyone went first. And we all know how that played out. I figured that would be a good place to start with my, with my piece as well. Not just because of the pandemic, but also because it was kind of imagery that I had had in my head. Right as the pandemic was really ramping up, like it really felt like it was all coming to a boiling point. And I kind of wanted to illustrate that with this. It’s sort of that anticipation, cuz for a while there, it felt so distant. And then it was like drawing nearer faster than I could really process and I had to start thinking about wait, this is actually going to affect me, and this is this is going to be huge, like, what do I do about this? And that’s sort of where the, the red comes from, right? The windows because that’s it felt like there was this, this calm before the storm and there was something like infiltrating. And that was my feelings at the time. And that’s sort of how I felt now and I just sort of the best way to convey that. It was all it was all there. And then very suddenly, it just wasn’t anymore. I wanted it to feel very dreamlike, because that’s sort of how I felt pre pandemic was sort of you’re sort of living in a haze, you’re not really fully conscious. So I didn’t put too much detail into each little bit of the of each object, I guess. I’m definitely more impressionist.

– Mark Poelzer

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