future of COVID Meditation

The background in the sky is still very chaotic, there is still a lot of colors going on, it’s still going to be busy, it’s still gonna be chaotic, but it’s a little bit more controlled. And we can have a little bit more influence over it. The clouds and the white and the dark are representative of both good and bad that will come in the future. There’ll still be things to impact it, but it’ll be able to be kind of more segmented into parts of good and bad instead of everything all the time all at once. The trees are a lot about growing and moving forward and just being strong and being steady and healing. And I hope we work together to become more of a community, we learn how to support and work together as humanity for many things. We should work together to create a more supportive, more loving global community, community in our towns and our homes. I think people should learn how to work together, and better humanity. People are still arguing over is science real? I don’t know. There are things right that like, collectively, we could make better and even have more understanding for each other, be more patient and more willing to learn, and more willing to work together to move everything forward. We’ve learned a lot from it, a lot of things have come to light because of it. And I hope we can take some of that unity into the future with us. I hope we can take some of that understanding and how flexible we’ve all had to bend throughout this. I hope that that continues to evolve. I have certainly thought a lot about what I want my life to look like, what I hope to get out of certain experiences. I reflect a lot more I do I think, hey, that’s a thing that I shouldn’t be doing anymore, or hey, that’s something I want to start doing and I’ve learned – I’m slowly learning how to develop philosophies that I personally want to live by.

– Pharran Mckinnon

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