now of COVID Meditation

COVID has been very messy, very busy and very chaotic. There is absolute chaos in the world, in my life, in everybody’s life. I think everything has been turned upside down, everything has been mushed together and broken apart and made into pieces. It’s kind of been compacted into this giant messy ball of color and explosion and feelings with no real way to organize or escape it. So the window is very much about staying home and being isolated and having something between you and the rest of the world but it is very busy, very messy, very chaotic, and there’s just so much going on. It’s hard to understand it piece by piece. Chaotic, like just remembering how busy everything was and how everything felt like there was no stability, just that like uncertainness and like not knowing they are starkly opposite colors, like everything’s been mashed together. Everything’s been like there’s no rhyme or reason to anything anymore.

– Pharran Mckinnon

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