start of COVID Meditation

Life was very busy beforehand, there are a lot of small details, knowing what I do now, life then seemed more simplistic, it seemed easier, it seemed I was a lot younger, it definitely impacts how I lived life then. But there were still things wrong with things as a whole world was not an idealistic place, then, from it. And personally, I had a lot of struggles still, even if now they may seem less important. They were important then and they definitely caused, like, there were definitely stresses there were definitely hardships. But looking back on it, it does not seem quite so big or important as it did then. There’s so many different parts of life back then. And you, they were a little bit more separate than they are now. You had home, you had work, you had friends, you had many different areas of life that could all be experienced separately. And even now, when we like we look back at it, we’re like, oh, things were so good. But they weren’t, right? They really weren’t. They weren’t perfect. And there was a lot of shortcomings for a lot of things. So there was, there were still cracks in the system. There were still places for people and things to get lost. And there was still sicknesses and illnesses. And for me personally, my mental health was still a big problem then, still cracks of negativity throughout my life there. I think there should be a lot more flexibility, specifically for people with disabilities and with sick days. I think that that really got I highlighted in like earlier pandemic. A lot of people said, hey, we’ve been wanting this for a long time. And you said it wasn’t possible. We could not work from home, that wasn’t an option. commute was three, four hours a day and that was normal. And I think that should not really be a thing. I think if you are sick, you should stay home and get better. I think if there are people with disabilities or even a long commute, there can be accommodations made. We know how to connect over long distances now too, a lot better than we did before. I think people should be aware of what’s happening in the world. I think being stuck at home and always having to be on high alert has made a lot of people more aware of more breaking news stories that kind of got buried before, which started a lot of movements and a lot of things. So I don’t know if we should always be quite as hyper vigilant because that has been exhausting. But I think we should be aware of what’s happening in the world and that we have the power to change it.

– Pharran Mckinnon

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