future of COVID Meditation

I saw the third one, which was the White Buffalo, the coming of the future, with a chance to begin/become something better than what we are now. And that’s what that piece was about. And for course, for me personally, the White Buffalo brought the pipe. And that pipe is everything to me. That’s how I tried to live my life, the way that pipe was explained to me by the elders. Now, I don’t smoke anymore, so I don’t smoke the pipe. But I’ve done it 1000 times, I don’t have to do it over and over again, to remind myself what that is. Every time I go in that studio, I’m reminded of that, that face paint is the last thing to happen, the face paint will start to appear in my mind, and I have no reason for it it’s just what I see. We sort of created that the COVID in one way or another by our behaviors. So if we choose to learn from what we’ve done, we can kind of ensure that we can keep the world safe. If we keep the world safe. I think we’ll keep ourselves safe.

– Terry Mccue

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