now of COVID Meditation

I was sitting watching the news one evening, and they did a thing about in California, they found hundreds of thousands of dead songbirds that were killed by the smoke in the forest fire. Those birds there, if you look at them closely, there’s smoke sort of coming off their bodies. That was the beginning of that, you know, in the present day, what we have to do to protect the world that we live in. That’s what that second piece was about. Our responsibility right now, with the world right now. And the realization that if we don’t take care of, of this world, this is the only one we got. So what while I was finishing up that first painting, I sketched out the second painting, so I wouldn’t forget it. I don’t know where the bear came from. I saw it, I painted it. It’s representative of the natural world, the present and our need to protect rather than take advantage of the natural world. So those and the little birds, our behaviors on the earth are doing this, we have become aware of that. That’s what the present to me is. That’s the all important thing is if we don’t get a handle on this, the whole world’s gone. The COVID-19 thing, see the paint, see the face paint, that’s COVID. The Raven is his guardian. That Raven is wrapped, you can’t see it. But it’s wrapped in red cloth. And it’s pinned to his head. It’s, it’s it’s a guardian spirit. When I was first left, and went out on my own and started doing my own work I, I was partners with a lady here in the city. And one night we were with some people, and I was sitting in the front seat, and she was stitting behind me in the backseat. When we got back to the hotel. She said to me, she said, You got to come to my room for a minute. I got something to tell you. So we went back to her room and she made tea. And she said to me, she said, when we were driving along in the car, I looked at you and there was a man that was looking right back at me. He was an old Indian, like a North American Indian. She said he sits on your back. She said you don’t like going to the bars anymore. Do you? Did you get uncomfortable with that? And I said yeah, I said ever since I stopped drinking. I said I’d never wanted to go there. And she said that’s why he is there. He protects you from that sort of thing. He is always with you. He never goes away. So what that Raven is to him, what that figure is to me.

– Terry Mccue

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