start of COVID Meditation

So I went out and had to go, I had to go by the canvas and in all in, and as I’m doing that, I’m starting to see things. So at some point, I saw that I saw that face. So I did the face. That was the first thing that I did on, on that first painting was that face. And then once it was done the image kind of dripped down the canvas. And there it was, I saw what I wanted to do there in the elements, that the home at the top, though the spiritual life, the lodge in the middle, and the sustenance at the bottom, the bison, that figure has that whole world inside him, like we do, we are the universe contained in this body.

Because you’re looking at the past. I mean, you have to make a choice. Is it yesterday? Is it 10 years ago? Is it 30 years ago? Is it in your lifetime? Is it before you before you were born? So what do you do? I mean, there have been some bad things done to native people in this country. And it continues to this day. So when you think back, where you want to start this painting, where do you want or do you want to begin this painting, and it really isn’t like Eden, because it wasn’t Eden. I mean, it was a tough way to live. You know, you’re out there on the prairie. Lightning comes, fire comes, where do you go? What do you do? It’s not an idyllic life. But when you look back at what you want, what I wanted to say was that the people were in control of their own destiny at that point, as much as a human can be. You know, there was a spiritual life. And that’s what that lodge represents, that Sundance Lodge that’s in the middle ground. These are all these old ceremonies that came with that White Buffalo. That was the beginning of that all coming. That pipe came. That was for me the focus of my past because one of the things that I did when I came out here was that I went to Wyoming to the Wind River Reservation. And I fasted down there for days, three nights, no food, no water. And that’s a straight line to that painting.

– Terry Mccue

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