Curator’s Statement

Bruce Schmaltz

Sandbox ii is a documentary on the psyche in transition in the time of COVID. 8 billion people being forced into introversion (their inner selves) is nature’s way of calling for change. While in isolation, each of the Sandbox ii artists were asked to create works inspired by their meditations on the beginning, the present and the future of the COVID 19 pandemic.

My hope is that this interactive gallery opens people up to: Explore the integration of the shadow in coming to terms with COVID. Explore synchronicity. Explore Circumambulation as a method to meaning within the feeling image. Explore soft eyes dreaming as a new reality.

In 1969 I was swept along in a movement to India where I discovered the concept of Sandbox. In 2021 I’m part of another collective movement in the wave of COVID, but this time I have a toehold on land, allowing me to make this contribution. A record of the greatest psychic change in the last 2000 years.

Sandbox ii documents of the feelings of each artist and the stories they tell, which are as important as the paintings themselves. Look at the paintings individually and as triptychs. Synthesizing all 24 stories/paintings into one Mythic story, is when you will hear your own story.

Sandbox ii is also an attempt to acknowledge all the wonderful souls who have assisted me on my path, with laughter being the healing balm.

This is living. Travel light.

It’s a wonderful mystery!

People and other beings who inspire me:
Austin Delaney
Carl Jung
Leonard Cohen
Henry Miller
Anaïs Nin
Stephen Aizenstat - Dream Tending
Garry Bobroff -
The voices of Esalen
My wife Monique Delisle Schmaltz ,Sancho by day/ Dulcinea by night
And the list goes on…

Director's Statement

Anna Cooley

Sandboxii shows a unifying global experience that is felt in as many ways as there are people. I wanted to create an opportunity for the audience to sit in the mind of another person and to see the world from their perspective. Each room encourages the audience to explore a new environment. They step into a room alone with the art and the artist, and can ponder along with them. By interviewing each artist there is also an opportunity to hear the inspiration and methodology behind each painting. In a time of confinement, it was important to me to create a feeling of escape into a different space and mind. I believe it creates understanding and appreciation for different experiences.


Director - Anna Cooley
Executive Producer - Bruce Schmaltz
Producer - Anna Cooley
Sound - Anna Cooley
Art Curator - Bruce Schmaltz

Method Visual:
360 Development - Timothy Enos
Imagery - Jay Munoz
Website - Becca Jael